Hypnotic Hibiscus


Lose yourself in the zesty aroma of Hypnotic Hibiscus. Bright notes of apple, papaya, strawberry and raspberry draw in the taste buds, as the soothing properties of elderberry and hibiscus lull you into a state of wonder. The refreshing taste of citrus harmonizes with the floral notes of hibiscus and sunflower. This island inspired tea will awaken a renewed zest for life.


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What’s in it?

Lemon Peel, Passion Fruit Flowers, Hibiscus, Apple, Papaya, Elderberries, Blackcurrants, Raspberry, Strawberry, Sunflower & Cornflower Petals.

Caffeine Level

(Caffeine Free)

Delicious Source of Vitamins



Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. Made in a Factory that Handles Nuts.

Steeping Notes

Water Temperature Tea Leaves Time
Hot 8 oz 206°F 1 tsp 3-5 mins
Iced 8 oz 206°F 2 tsp 3-5 mins

Recommended Number of Steeps


Recommended Add-ins

Sugar / Honey / Lemon / Plain